Petition Calls for Allergen Free Girl Scouts Cookie

May 11, 2011

Petition Calls for Allergen Free Girl Scouts Cookie

Letter points to 2-4% of Girl Scouts who cannot eat the cookies they sell.

A woman whose daughter has celiac disease is petitioning for allergen free Girl Scout cookies. Stacy Malinow of Long Island, NY, hopes to gather 100,000 by the end of May to prove that allergen free cookies demand. The petition has been posted on to encourage supporter nationwide to add their signatures.

According to the letter of petition:

“Nationwide, for 2009, the most recent year studied by the Center for Disease Control, the estimate for children with food allergies was 5%. For adults, the number is 4% in America according to the Food Allergen and Anaphylaxis Network. In 2010, the Journal of the American Medical Association estimated the number could be as high as 10%.

“Based on these statistics, then approximately 132,000 members of the Girls Scouts are selling cookies that they may not be able to eat. Additionally, the Girls Scouts are leaving out up to 10% of the American marketplace who cannot buy their cookies.”

The petition has already gathered nearly 600 signatures, and many parents have left comments asking for an allergen free cookie their kids can enjoy.

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