Novak Djokovic: Number 2 In The World & Newly Gluten-Free

May 5, 2011

Novak Djokovic: Number 2 In The World & Newly Gluten-Free

Another high profile athlete raises awareness and champions the health benefits of a gluten-free diet. Update!Wall Street Journal notes tennis star’s improved performance after going gluten-free.

Update:Djokovic’s surge in performance caught attention at The Wall Street Journal. An article titled “The Diet that Shook Up Tennis?” shares Djokovic’s recent change in diet due to a gluten allergy, and notes the incredible leap he’s made after going gluten-free.

“…no one would have predicted what has transpired since January. Djokovic’s season has gone from good to great to outrageously, impossibly, unrealistically phenomenal. In an age when even small sports achievements can get enormous hype, there’s really no superlative to describe what the soon-to-be 24-year-old has done this year.”

Novak Djokovic, arguably the hottest player in the sport of tennis and currently ranked number 2 in the world by the Association for Tennis Professionals (ATP), credits his improved performance this 2011 season to his gluten-free diet.

Djokovic recently admitted that, after discovering he had a gluten allergy, his nutritionist helped him learn to identify safe foods and properly manage his diet.


“‘He’s done a great job in changing my diet after we established I am allergic to some food ingredients like gluten,’ Djokovic said at his home event in Belgrade.

‘It means I can’t eat stuff like pizza, pasta and bread. I have lost some weight but it’s only helped me because my movement is much sharper now and I feel great physically.’”

And the rest is history! Djokovic has already won his last 31 matches overall, a record that extends back to last year. At just 23, the native Serbian is the youngest open era player to reach the semi-finals of all four Grand Slam events. His impressive professional tennis career to date also includes two Australian Open Championship titles.

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