NFCA ‘Athletes for Awareness’- meet Bill Mulroy

February 9, 2009

NFCA ‘Athletes for Awareness’- meet Bill Mulroy

NFCA ‘Athletes for Awareness’ tracks standout sportspersons who prove that having celiac disease can’t stop you from succeding on any athletic stage!

Meet NFCA ‘Athlete for Awareness’ Bill Mulroy, a cyclist who competes in both road and mountain race events.

I’m a 38 yr old competitive cyclist from Scottsdale, Az. I started mountain biking 12 yrs ago in the desert and mountains around Arizona. Started road cycling 4 years ago. I have competed in many events, including 24 hour mountain bike races, multi-day stage races at high altitudes, and 100 mi. + road races.

I was diagnosed in Feb. 2008 with celiac disease, after tests showed I had low bone density, iron and hematocrit.

I’m part of the Athletes for Awareness campaign and you’ll hear plenty more from me about how celiac disease has changed my life.