NBA Star Supports Gluten-Free Eating

July 21, 2011

NBA Star Supports Gluten-Free Eating

Kyle Korver of the Chicago Bulls Champions Gluten-Free Eating in Men’s Journal.

Thanks to another high profile athlete, gluten-free draws attention once again!

In an article from the August 2011 issue of Men’s Journal, Kyle Korver, eight-year veteran of the NBA Chicago Bulls and gluten-free diet advocate, is highlighted.

Korver, who went gluten-free back in 2010, says, “I definitely have more energy and just feel cleaner.”

He opted for the diet in an effort to boost performance, but has since seen additional health benefits. “My joints feel much better, and my post-game recovery is as good as it have ever been,” Korver says.

The article states that going gluten-free deems to be more difficult than people anticipate. Due to the fact that gluten is also found in rye and barley, simply avoiding wheat products just won’t do the trick.

Korver apparently doesn’t mind the dedication and commitment required to be 100% gluten-free. In fact, he says, “my body has never felt this good at the end of a season.”

The August 2011 issue of Men’s Journalis on newsstands now.