I tore my ACL

March 3, 2010

I tore my ACL

Michael encounters one of his biggest setbacks to date.

Well, no posts for a while usually means things are going really well, or really poorly. This time around it is really poorly.

I was out playing “driveway tennis” with my son when my foot caught up in the tree roots at the back of the driveway. Man, did that hurt. I have never wanted to get away from a body part so badly. Thing is, the part (and the pain) comes with you.

Well, an xray and MRI told me what I already knew from the popping noise. I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to keep up at work (not so successful), and manage the swelling (not so successful).

When you lose a functional knee and are in constant pain, it is amazing how your focus changes to getting out of pain and figuring out how to do really basic things like putting on a sock and personal hygiene. It’s really nice to have two young, homeschooled kids to run around and carry things for me.

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