Gluten-Free Shop Falls to Hard Times

September 30, 2010

Gluten-Free Shop Falls to Hard Times

Owners cite production costs, competition from mainstream markets as reasons for shutting.

Madwoman Foods, a Minneapolis-based gluten-free food store, is closing up shop. A staple for celiac and gluten-free consumers, the small store could not keep up with skyrocketing costs and escalating competition.

According to a report by Fox 9 News, the store ordered specialty ingredients from California. The cost of shipping began to outweigh profits made from those items.

What’s more, competition from mainstream markets has increased, the owners noted. While more people have been going gluten-free, so have superstores and large brands.

As one of the owners noted, “When a niche [like gluten-free] goes mainstream, you lose that niche.”

Gluten-free patrons lamented the loss of the specialty shop. As the report noted, gluten-free shops are essential for individuals with autoimmune disorders like celiac disease.

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