Gluten-Free Pole Vault Star Secures Spot on the US Olympic Track Team

June 27, 2012

Gluten-Free Pole Vault Star Secures Spot on the US Olympic Track Team

After battling fatigue due to celiac disease, Olympic silver medalist Jenn Suhr qualifies for another trip to the summer games.

Jenn Suhr, the world’s number one ranked female pole vaulter, qualified for the 2012 Olympic games after clearing 15 feet, 1 inch in the pole vault in the US track trials on June 24, 2012. Although Suhr is on her way back to London after finishing as a silver medalist in the 2008 Olympics, her road to national and worldwide success wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

In 2011, Suhr started to experience severe fatigue, weakness, and leg cramping. She struggled to complete competitions and was convinced her pole vaulting career was over. Just when Suhr and her husband/coach Rick thought she wouldn’t be able to compete, Suhr discovered she was living with celiac disease.

Now on a gluten-free diet, Suhr is ready to take on the summer games and her rival Yelena Isinbayeva of the Russian track team. Suhr will be joined by teammates Becky Holliday and Lacy Janson who placed in 2nd and 3rd respectively to qualify for the London games.

To read more on Jenn Suhr’s struggle with celiac disease and her journey to the 2012 Olympics, visit ESPN and Women Talk Sports.

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