Gluten-free Diet Makes Florida Cycling Magazine

February 7, 2011

Gluten-free Diet Makes Florida Cycling Magazine

Feature article authored by celiac cyclist, Ashley DiVeronica.

Ashley DiVeronica, celiac cyclist and creator of, recently authored an article featured in the February issue of Florida Cycling Magazine!

Entitled, ‘Diet of the Pros’, Ashley’s article raises awareness of celiac disease and the gluten-free diet, and investigates the recent rush of athlete’s choosing to go gluten-free in an effort to improve their performance.

“I was first sparked to write an article on gluten and athletes when I learned how the professional cycling team Garmin-Transition stays on a gluten-free diet during the cycling season. I wanted to investigate a little bit further to learn WHY, with no allergies, someone would choose to be g-free.”

Ashley believes that the growing number of athletes adopting a gluten-free lifestyle benefit from improved digestive system functioning and increased nutrient absorption.

Ashley also offers encouragement and advice for her fellow gluten-free athletes and highlights some of her favorite (and delicious) gluten-free diet tips and products. Having struggled with debilitating symptoms for more than a decade, Ashley has thrived since her diagnosis, and is a Cat 3 race level cyclist herself.

“So what does a gluten-free athlete eat then? A lot actually! Rice, organic corn, flaxseeds, quinoa, tapioca, potato, amaranth, tofu, nuts, and beans are ALL naturally gluten-free.”

To read ‘Diet of the Pros’, by Ashley DiVeronica, download the article February issue of Florida Cycling Magazine. CLICK HERE.