Gluten-Free Diet Helps NFL Star Get Back On Track

August 9, 2011

Gluten-Free Diet Helps NFL Star Get Back On Track

“Starks hopes gluten-free diet will yield results”, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Green Bay Packers running back James Starks has returned to the NFL fully healthy – for the first time in 2 years! While previously sidelined with shoulder and hamstring injuries, Starks credits much of his physical improvement this offseason to the gluten-free diet he recently adopted.

From JSOnline:

“This off-season, Starks needed to ensure his health would not be an issue. Bad hamstrings shouldn’t linger that long. Starks consulted a nutritionist, started a gluten-free diet and instantly began putting on weight.”

Starks is now up to 255 pounds and he is 6 ft, 2 inches. Coaches now say his weight is finally where it should be for a running back, having gained eight more pounds since last year.

“‘I’ve gotten stronger. I want to lay some hits now,’ he says.”

A nutritionist consulted with the NFL star and suggested he start a gluten-free diet for better performance. Thanks to the diet, Starks believes his healing time has greatly improved.

“’I’ve been feasting off of carbs thinking it was good, but my body didn’t react to it the right way,’ Starks said. ‘That played a big part in the healing process.’

‘He pretty much just worked out all off-season,’ said Starks’ brother, Sanquin. ‘He’s focused. Especially right now, it’s crunch time. Through the lockout, he wanted to make sure he was in shape. He’s coming in big and fast. He was gone pretty much every day.’”

However, his new physique didn’t come without a few sacrifices. Starks says he had to give up some of his favorite late night snacks, like fried chicken and pizza, when adopting his gluten-free regimen.

But according to Starks, giving up late night gluten filled goodies was worth it. Now competing for a starting role with NFL’s reigning World Champions, his health and hopes are higher than ever!

“I’ve seen everything now having gone to the big show. I’ve played in some of the toughest games. I’ve been hit by some of the biggest players. My expectations are high now.”

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