Gluten-Free Diet Gets Cricket Player Back in the Game

February 15, 2013

Gluten-Free Diet Gets Cricket Player Back in the Game

After struggling with severe lethargy and lack of motivation, a celiac disease diagnosis gives Nicola Browne her life back.

New Zealand Cricket Player Nicola Browne shocked fans when she earned “Player of the Tournament” in the 2010 Women’s World Twenty20 and then retired a month before her 28th birthday one year later.

Browne was exhausted and has lost her interest in the game, including any desire to train. After seeking medical attention for her exhaustion, Browne discovered she had been living with celiac disease and immediately cut all gluten from her diet.

Now, Browne is back in the game and feeling better than ever. While she initially mourned the loss of her non-restricted diet, she says she is now happier than ever living gluten-free. Traveling can be difficult, so she packs gluten-free products for each trip. Browne looks at eating as a means of keeping her energy up and feeling good, which has “taken the love of food to a whole new element,” she says.

Browne even credits the gluten-free diet for her renewed love of cricket. “The biggest thing has been the enjoyment factor that I had not experienced before,” she explained. “I was so quiet before, feel balanced and settled now.”

Read more on the cricket star’s transformation after going gluten-free from ESPN.

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