College Student Wins Funding For A Gluten-Free Safety App

November 18, 2013

College Student Wins Funding For A Gluten-Free Safety App

Alex Hutchinson’s “elevator speech” produced a cash prize to fund the creation of the gluten-free safety app.

Southern Illinois University holds an annual “CEO National Elevator Pitch” competition. Each entrant has 90 seconds to explain their business idea to a group of judges. The winning pitchers are awarded a cash prize and a paid trip to the national CEO conference in Chicago. Alex Hutchinson became the highest-placing student in the five-year history of the competition. However, this feat is just a small part of what makes Alex special.

Alex’s pitch for the competition concerned an app called “Gluten Free Foodie.” The app is meant to advise users on how to prepare food so that it remains gluten-free. As part of his prize, Alex received $500 to fund the creation of this app. Alex is looking forward to attending the competition next year and work on an app that “will revolutionize the dining experience for the gluten-free community.”

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