Celiac Hits the Slopes…

January 30, 2010

Celiac Hits the Slopes…

AJ Clemens

The race continues for 17 year old Athlete for Awareness, AJ Clemens.

The race continues for 17 year old, A.J. Clemens, a junior at Radnor High School in Radnor, Pennsylvania, and Waterville Ski Academy in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire.

Two schools? How does he do that? Funny you should ask. Celiac athlete on skis

A.J. has a real passion and big dreams. Before A.J. was diagnosed with Celiac 14 years ago at the ripe old age of 3, his parents taught A.J. to snow ski.

While in grade school and throughout middle school, A.J. trained and raced for the Elk Mountain race team in Uniondale, Pennsylvania during the winter months. AJ also has trained on the Hinterux Glacier in Austria and the beautiful mountains in La Palva, Chile during the summer months.

Once A.J. began high school, he became even more serious about his sport. During the fall, he played high school football for Radnor High School from September to November. Then A.J. left for boarding school in New Hampshire for five months where he takes his high school curriculum with him while competing in more then 40 ski races between November and April for Waterville Valley Ski Academy. Then, he returns to his high school back home to finish out his school year. He stays active running for the school track team.

While traveling A.J., stays healthy eating a balanced diet with lots of rice, rice pasta, Glutino bagels, buffalo burgers from his Uncle Frank’s buffalo farm in Maine and he can’t seem to get enough Clementine’s. Snacks consist of Cherry Lara Bars, Gluntino pretzels, fruits and nuts. The chefs at the academy take care of A.J. with great pride in their work to provide him with a proper diet for this growing athlete.

AJ Clemens with black eye

Racing does take it toll. Already skiing “All OUT” this season, he has produced one “big shiner” even while wearing his goggles A.J. flipped twice during a race, hit the ground and came up smiling!

was named “Procter” of the dorm at the ski academy and takes his job seriously while working side by side his fellow athletes.

“It’s go to school,
eat, sleep and ski”,
says A.J. “and keep the dorm clean!”

Also, an added student at the Academy is A.J.’s
little sister CoCo Clemens; following in her big brother footsteps they are chasing the dreams.

So far, A.J. has been inching up to bring down his FIS points. To follow A.J. and his quest to ski “ALL OUT”, follow him on his upcoming races just go to Live-Timing.com and search Alvin Clemens Jr. You can check his times and follow his race schedule all season long!

Athlete for
Awareness is constantly asked about his race suit, which carries the NFCA, Bob’s Red Mill, Pamela’s Products and Bell
Evans logos on his race suit’s sleeve. He is walking the walk and talking the talk,
only A.J. does it on skis!

AJ Clemens skiing