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Another NFL Venue Puts Gluten-Free On The Menu

October 11, 2011

Another NFL Venue Puts Gluten-Free On The Menu

The Detroit Lions launch winning campaigns on and off the field.

Following their victory over the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football, the Detroit Lions improved their record to 5-0 – a first since 1956. The team is also setting firsts off the field as well, as a portable gluten-free stand made its Ford Field debut this season!

According to, Executive Chef Joe Nader of Levy Restaurants is to credit for the new celiac friendly options. He recently told the website he felt compelled to provide those on a gluten-free diet with the same game experience as other attendees.


“’Those folks would just come and not eat or they’d have to eat before they came to the game,’ Nader said. ‘Now, they can eat a hot dog in a gluten-free bun and drink gluten-free beer just like the people they’re with and they won’t feel alienated.’

He wants to make sure that food is prepared in line with the dietary needs of fans, which is why a kosher stand is also in the works. Fan demand has also pushed Nader to provide menus that have items ‘you would never see at a stadium.’”

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