Gluten-Free Halloween Candy List 2016 (Updated for 2017) |
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Gluten-Free Halloween Candy List 2016 (Updated for 2017)

Get a head start on sorting the Halloween candy with help from Beyond Celiac Blogger Ambassador Taylor Miller of GlutenAway. 

Parents, do you need a little help getting through a gluten-free Halloween? Beyond Celiac Blogger Ambassador Taylor Miller of GlutenAway has a gluten-free candy list to give you some extra information on identifying safe gluten-free candy for your little ones.

Check out Taylor’s Gluten-Free Halloween Candy List for more information:

Get the Halloween Candy List!

Important note! Ingredients change often and manufacturers can change their processes with no warning. Candy lists like this one are only meant to serve as a guide; they cannot serve as a definitive answer on the gluten content of a product, especially as different sized candies can be made differently, even if it is produced by the same company. Always read labels and contact the manufacturer if you have any doubts about a product’s gluten-free status.



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