GREAT Kitchens Makes an Appearance on the Celiac Project Podcast |
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GREAT Kitchens Makes an Appearance on the Celiac Project Podcast

The director of GREAT Kitchens and Schools speaks on the Celiac Project podcast about the gluten-free foodservice training program offered by Beyond Celiac.

Beckee Moreland, the Director of GREAT Kitchens and Schools programs here at Beyond Celiac, speaks with Mike and Cam from the Celiac Project podcast about working with restaurants that want to serve gluten-free diners. Beckee talks about her first foray into the gluten-free restaurant experience after she was diagnosed with celiac disease and she and her husband opened their own restaurant. She also shares the process behind creating the GREAT Kitchens and Schools programs that train restaurants and schools in how to prepare and serve gluten-free food. You can listen to the podcast here or read a full transcript of the interview here.

Want to find a GREAT Kitchen near you? Check out our list of accredited restaurants.


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