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Disney Channel Features Gluten-Free Grains on “Pass the Plate” Segment

After the Disney Channel show “Jessie” came under fire for an episode poking fun at the gluten-free diet, Disney aired an informative segment of “Pass the Plate” highlighting gluten-free ingredients.

Gluten-free grains were the topic of the Disney Channel’s popular show “Pass the Plate,” which is meant to inspire kids and teens to live a healthier lifestyle.  The hosts of the show, Peyton List and Karan Brar, star in another Disney Channel show, “Jessie.” 

Back in May 2013, the show “Jessie” stirred up controversy in the gluten-free community, after an On-Demand episode preview depicted kids teasing a character name Stuart, who was on a gluten-free diet and had food allergies.  Read more on that story here.

The new “Pass the Plate” segment explains what gluten is and features a bakery talking about their gluten-free products and the role gluten plays in the baking process.  At the end of the video, List and Brar show just how delicious gluten-free can be by diving into a homemade gluten-free pizza together.  Watch the full segment from the Disney Channel online.


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