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Will You Take the Pledge?

NFCA is challenging the celiac disease and gluten sensitive communities to get involved and Take the Pledge.

This New Year, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) is challenging the celiac disease and gluten sensitive communities to go beyond the New Year’s Resolutions and Take the Pledge.

So what does it mean to Take the Pledge?  It means more than just committing 100% to your gluten-free diet.  By taking the Pledge, you’re promising to play an active role in the community through education, empowerment and advocacy.

Once you Take the Pledge, NFCA will equip you with the tools you need to maintain your Pledge promise.  You’ll be given private access to two pages of resources and, as a bonus, you’ll also be entered into the Gluten-Free Giveaway for your chance to win products from Blue Diamond. 

For all of the details on what it means to Take the Pledge, head to www.beyondceliac.org/TakethePledge.  Have a comment about the campaign?  Tell us on Facebook!

NFCA thanks Blue Diamond for their commitment to the gluten-free community and sponsorship of the Take the Pledge campaign! Learn more about Blue Diamond's gluten-free products here.


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