Arenas Del Mar Costa Rican Resort Gets Rave Reviews for Safe Gluten-Free Offerings |
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Arenas Del Mar Costa Rican Resort Gets Rave Reviews for Safe Gluten-Free Offerings

Arenas Del Mar hosted two entirely gluten-free weeks at the award-winning resort, featuring chefs and kitchen staff trained through NFCA's GREAT Kitchens program.

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) was thrilled to support the Weeks for the Celiac Disease Community at the award-winning Arenas Del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort in Costa Rica.  The resort hosted two weeks dedicated to the gluten-free community, one which occurred from September 13-20, 2014 and one which will occur from November 8-15, 2014.

What makes this resort special?  They are trained through NFCA's accredited GREAT Kitchens program - a comprehensive resource designed to educate foodservice professionals on the ins and outs of safe gluten-free food preparation.  The resort has even brought in GREAT-trained chefs from the US, just for the occasion.

Recently, Arenas Del Mar reported that they have been rated as number 1 on Tripadvisor, due to their safe gluten-free offerings.  What a great incentive for other restaurants to get on board with safe gluten-free menu options!  Encourage your restaurants, schools, colleges, camps, nursing homes, hospitals - anywhere with a kitchen - to check out the GREAT Kitchens program. Be sure to tell them just how loyal the celiac disease and gluten sensitive communities are to those who truly understand gluten-free.  You can grab all the facts at

Get the full scoop from Arenas Del Mar's exciting Tripadvisor news here.


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