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Celiac Disease Gains Attention as Potential Drug Therapies Advance

The New York Times covers the efforts being made to develop a drug therapy for the autoimmune disease.

Celiac disease is different from other autoimmune diseases. It is the only one in which the antigen (or trigger) of the disease is known: gluten.

As research advances, it is becoming clear that for most people, the gluten-free diet alone is not enough to effectively manage the genetic autoimmune disease. Various potential therapies are in development to help address this need for additional treatment options for celiac disease.

Experts in the celiac disease field, including National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) President and CEO Alice Bast, weighed in on the need for additional therapies, as well as what is in the works, in the New York Times article, “As Celiac and Gluten Sensitivities Gain Prominence, Drug Companies Race to Find Treatments.”  

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