Sarah Jane holds postion despite wild Florida weather |
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Sarah Jane holds postion despite wild Florida weather

Rain delays postpone final rounds of the Daytona Beach LPGA Tour Qualifying Tournament

Although heavy wind and rain postponed the Daytona Beach LPGA Tour Qualifying Tournament, Sarah Jane holds a leading position heading into the final round at the LPGA International Course. Currently sitting at the 31st postion with an average score of 2 over par, Sarah is poised to recieve an invitation to participate in each of the 2010 LPGA tournaments scheduled if she can pull of a top 20 finish.

" I was thrilled with my overall tournament performance this past 2009 season, and finished 105 on the LPGA money list!" she says, "Although I am confident I will get into a majority of next years events based on my performance this season, I entered the Daytona Beach tournament because I wanted to be 100% sure."

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Following today's tournament, Sarah Jane will head to her native country of Australia, and spend some time at home with her family. To stay in shape during the LPGA offseason, Sarah will join the ALPG Tour, and compete in tournaments overseas until she returns to the States in March!

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