Ski G-Free: Arapahoe Basin, Co |
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Ski G-Free: Arapahoe Basin, Co

Peter BronskiPeter finds gluten-free surprises during a visit to Colorado ski country.

Peter Bronski shares what he has discovered about the new and improving gf dining options in Colorado’s popular ski resorts:

“To my partial surprise and great delight, as I neared the front of the line to order from the grill, a small printed sign noted that they offered gluten-free hamburger and hot dog buns. I had already resigned myself to ordering a burger sans bun, but lo and behold, a burger with bun was on the menu for the GF crowd. Waiting for my burger to grill, I carefully eyed the rest of the operation, trying to gauge the potential for cross-contamination. (The last thing I needed was getting sick on the mountain that afternoon...) The french fries, for example, are cooked in the same oil as breaded chicken fingers, so the standard side was out. I grabbed a bag of potato chips instead.”

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