Seattle Mariners Set To Host Gluten-Free Night at the Ballpark |
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Seattle Mariners Set To Host Gluten-Free Night at the Ballpark

Safeco Field joins the many arenas and venues across the country in raising gluten-free awareness and supporting the celiac disease community!

The Seattle Mariners are throwing a gluten-free night at the ballpark during their August 31st, 2010 game against the Los Angeles Angles.

Safeco Field guests will be treated to a special gluten-free menu featuring Redbridge beer, hot dogs and buns, as well as fish and chips.

The Mariners are also offering dicount tickets for fans and families with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

For more information, visit the Gluten-Free Night at the ballpark page on the Mariners website.

Seattle is among the many MLB teams and sports stadiums making an effort to support the celiac community by introducing gluten-free concessions and hosting dedicated disease awareness nights!

You can read more about this growing movement on NFCA's website, click here.


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