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In Defense of Hot Dogs

Peter's thoughts on a summer staple.


"Summer is in full swing (and has been for a while now), which means that hot dogs are being cooked and eaten at ballparks and grills across the country.  But as much as Americans love a good hot dog, we often vilify them.

Within the gluten-free community, we cast a leery eye in the direction of hot dogs because, as a processed meat product, they hold the potential of being a hidden source of gluten.  (Thankfully, there are many tasty GF hot dogs out there, and hot dogs that previously contained gluten are frequently being reformulated to be gluten-free.)

Just as much so, we criticize hot dogs for being a 'mystery meat,' stereotypically made of all the unmentionable parts of animals...pig snouts and turkey feet.  This is, of course, a gross exaggeration over the reality (at least, I hope it is!).  But even if it's the honest truth, shouldn't we be praising hot dogs for this quality?  I'll explain..."


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