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Against-the-Grain Athletes Featured in Better Nutrition Magazine

Includes tips for eating and competing gluten-free! 

The latest edition of Better Nutrition Magazine highlights the growing number of Against-the-Grain Athletes maximizing their health and improving their fitness level on a gluten-free diet!

The article features Dave Hahn, an expert mountain climber who has reached Mount Everest 11 times! Hahn’s celiac disease diagnosis was discovered after he experienced unusual weakness during his second summit attempt.

Erin Elberson, blogger and featured host of NFCA’s upcoming Gluten-free lifestyle webinar The Gluten-Free Effect on Athletes: Improving Performance Through Diet” also provides nutrition tips for celiac athletes of every level.

“Avoid gluten-free foods made out of nutrient-poor white rice flour, potato or corn starch, and stick primarily with whole foods—fruits, veggies, meats, fish, beans, nuts, eggs, potatoes, and gluten-free whole grains. ‘More nutrients equal more fuel to muscles and brains, which equals higher performance,’ blogger Erin Elberson explains.”

Author Melissa Diane Smith also advocates incorporating nutrient rich carbohydrate sources and eating a low glycemic index diet as well.

“Carbohydrates before, during, and after intense exercise are essential to maintaining energy levels and speeding recovery after training or events. But just as with a high-performance car, elite athletes perform better with higher-quality fuel. Higher-nutrient, higher-carbohydrate foods include sweet potatoes, yams, winter squash (such as acorn), quinoa, whole-grain rice and wild rice blends, and muffins and other baked goods made out of nutrient-packed gluten-free grains or grain substitutes (look for amaranth, buckwheat, mesquite, sorghum, or teff flours). If you opt for pasta, choose brown rice pasta over white rice pasta, and for extra nutrition, select brown rice pasta with flaxseed.”

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