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NHL Team Heeds Demands for Gluten-free

Families advocate for stadium dining options via Facebook.

According to a recent New York Times feature, professional sports organizations are using social media to engage audiences like never before. The New Jersey Devils organization was highlighted by the Times for utilizing these powerful networking platforms to connect and converse with fans - about everything from the NHL team’s upcoming games….to gluten-free concessions!

“Much of the original content has been happy chatter about the team and its playoff prospects, but the Twitter and Facebook pages can be an online customer-service desk. Families, for example, said they wanted more gluten-free concessions, and the team responded. “

And thanks to the gluten-free fans that appealed to Devil’s team officials via Facebook and Twitter, the Prudential Center now offers some delicious celiac-friendly options!

According to the venue website: Centerplate now offers an entirely gluten-free menu, which includes gluten-free Premio sausages and Nathan’s World Famous Beef Hot Dog, served on a gluten-free bun baked by Philadelphia's The Grainless Baker; gluten-free Red Bridge Beer; and both Garden and Caesar Salads, in addition to packaged gluten-free snacks.

To read the New York Times “Devils Use Social Media as a Promotional Tool”, click here.

For information about the Prudential Center, click here.


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