NFCA Athlete for Awareness Prepares for 3rd Consecutive Ultramarathon & Fundraiser |
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NFCA Athlete for Awareness Prepares for 3rd Consecutive Ultramarathon & Fundraiser

Peter Bronski

 Support Peter Bronski as he runs 50 miles and scales 10,000 feet for celiac awareness.


NFCA Athlete for Awareness Peter Bronski has begun training for the Virgil Crest 50-Miler, a daunting race that takes place in September each year. For him, it’s also the 3rd Annual Gluten-Free Challenge – a personal feat and fundraiser for NFCA.

Over the past two years, Peter has raised more than $6,500 for NFCA as he prepared to run 50 miles and scale 10,000 feet in the grueling race. As he puts it, “That's basically the equivalent of running back-to-back marathons, off-road, while climbing to the top of the Empire State Building 8 times.” Not easy.

NFCA Athlete for Awareness Peter Bronski

Peter has set a goal to raise at least $5,000 this year, which would put his 3-year total over the $10,000 mark he’s determined to surpass.

This year, he’s even offering an incentive for donations. Anyone who donates at least $20 to his fundraising page will be automatically entered to win a book giveaway. The titles up for grabs include Peter’s popular cookbooks, Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking, 2nd Edition (this revised and expanded version will be released in June) and Artisanal Gluten-Free Cupcakes, and his newest book, The Gluten-Free Edge: A Nutrition and Training Guide for Peak Athletic Performance and an Active Gluten-Free Life, which will also be released in June.

Please show your support: Donate to Peter’s fundraiser

Stay tuned for more about Peter’s training, like how his running shoes have come to symbolize progress in his gluten-free life.

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