Brent Morel of the Chicago White Sox is Going Gluten-Free |
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Brent Morel of the Chicago White Sox is Going Gluten-Free

After struggling with unintentional weight loss, the 3rd baseman discovered his non-celiac gluten sensitivity. 

White Sox 3rd Baseman, Brent Morel, is joining the many Americans who are dealing with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Since this year’s Spring Training, Morel experienced difficulties maintaining his weight and shed quite a few pounds without trying.

Once Morel and his team discovered his non-celiac gluten sensitivity, he adopted the gluten-free diet and hasn’t looked back.  Entering Spring Training at 220 pounds, Morel says he is now within 5 pounds of his starting weight. 

Morel is a prime example of the importance of the gluten-free diet for those living with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity can cause a variety of symptoms similar to those exhibited in celiac disease, so it is vital for those with sensitivity to maintain a strict gluten-free diet. 

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You can also visit the Chicago Tribune online for more information of Brent Morel.


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