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Super Bowl MVP Tackles Food Allergies

Saints quarterback Drew Brees saw health improvement after changing his diet.

As the Saints clinched their victory over the Colts in last night's Super Bowl, New Orleans fans likely raised their pitchers in celebration. But for MVP Drew Brees, that drink would have to be gluten-free.

The Saints quarterback is allergic to wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts--a discovery that led Brees to overhaul his diet. The athlete's meals now consistent of vegetables and a variety of proteins, including soy. He also fills up on gluten-free pasta, according to Sports Illustrated.

Brees said the dietary changes improved his energy, and he feels the effects when an allegen is ingested. “Now when I cheat and eat things I’m not supposed to, I’ll toss and turn and kick in bed and my wife knows I’ve been eating something I shouldn’t. She has extra incentive to keep my diet in check,” he told the Wall Street Journal.


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