Inmate Allegedly Makes Threat Mentioning Wheat-Free Needs |
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Inmate Allegedly Makes Threat Mentioning Wheat-Free Needs

 Note said dietary concerns were not being met, reports. 


The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has reported that a convicted killer threatened to “start blowing up buildings and killing everyone” if released. In a strange twist, the note also indicated that his violent actions would be “in part because his dietary concerns -- he claimed to need wheat-free food -- weren't being addressed,” the article stated.

The inmate was in prison for violating parole; he served a 6-year sentence after pleading guilty to first-degree manslaughter.

He told investigators “I just can’t trust myself anymore,” according to the report.

The article did not indicate whether the inmate had been diagnosed with celiac disease, wheat allergies or other food intolerance.  The inmate remains jailed.



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