Former Desperate Housewives Star Adjusting to Gluten-Free Diet |
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Former Desperate Housewives Star Adjusting to Gluten-Free Diet

Dana Delany was recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance.


In the November 2010 issue of Prevention magazine, former "Desperate Housewives" star Dana Delany opened up about several health issues—including her recent switch to a gluten-free diet. The cover story discussed everything from botched Botox to chocolate indulgences, but a response about eating habits flagged her dietary change:

“I don't like meat, so I don't eat it. I just prefer vegetables, tofu and fish. And recently I was told by my endocrinologist that I am gluten intolerant. I'm not supposed to eat bread or pasta, which is really hard when you don't eat meat. But I'm trying gluten-free pasta, bread. It makes you less bloated and sluggish when you cut it out of your diet,” Delany said.

Delany now plays a medical examiner in a new show, "Body of Proof."

Read the Prevention Magazine cover story.




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