Betty Crocker Lists Gluten-Free Among "Red Hot Holiday Trends" |
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Betty Crocker Lists Gluten-Free Among "Red Hot Holiday Trends"

Popular recipe site notes increase in those eating gluten-free this holiday season.

More families are adding gluten-free to their holiday menus, according to trend-watchers at Betty Crocker. The popular food and recipe website named gluten-free and other alternative diets No. 8 on its "Betty 10 Red Hot Holiday Trends" list.

The "alternative diet" entry noted that gluten-free and vegan options are appearing "everywhere from bakeries to celebrity weddings." The list also linked to a recipe for Gluten-Free Fudge Crinkles, for those looking for a gluten-free dessert option.

Betty Crocker has already embraced gluten-free in many of its products, including gluten-free Bisquick and cake mixes. The website also includes a gluten-free recipe section.

Other trends on the list included cooking with kids, do-it-yourself gifts and cooking for a cause.

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