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Safeway Includes Gluten-Free in New Shelf Tag System

"SimpleNutrition" program gives snapshot of nutrition and ingredient benefits in qualifying items.


Safeway grocery stores have launched SimpleNutrition, an in-store shelf tag system that makes it easier for shoppers to find better nutrition choices among foods and beverages. “Gluten-free” will be one of the nutritional features flagged by the new tags.

Located next to Safeway’s Everyday Low Prices and Club Card specials throughout the store, the new SimpleNutrition green shelf tags will highlight up to two of 22 different nutrition and ingredient benefits, such as: Gluten-Free, Organic, Sodium Smart, or Made with Whole Grains, according to a company press release. The tags are intended to be easy to read without confusing numbers or symbols. The products included in the program meet specific criteria, so shoppers can focus on the nutrition benefits they want or need most in their diet to meet their nutrition goals, the release noted.

“Consumers are inundated with conflicting nutrition information and are often skeptical of the nutrition claims on packaging,” said Safeway’s Barbara Walker, group vice president, consumer communications and brand marketing. “…While SimpleNutrition is not a replacement for the nutrition panel found on food and beverage packages, it provides shoppers with a quick snapshot of the nutrition and ingredient benefits that best match their nutritional needs.”

To learn more, read the press release.

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