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Dr. Oz Dispels Gluten-Free Myths

Dr. Mark Hyman tells TV doc why going gluten-free doesn’t guarantee weight loss.

As interest in gluten-free food continues to rise, more individuals are considering a switch to the specialty diet. But when “going gluten-free” means swapping “traditional” cookies for gluten-free versions, individuals could end up gaining weight instead of losing, according to Dr. Mark Hyman.

The renowned health expert appeared on a recent episode of “Dr. Oz,” where he explained that a healthy gluten-free diet means incorporating whole foods like fish, vegetables and brown rice, not the high sugar, low nutrient items popping up on shelves.

Dr. Hyman noted that while individuals with celiac disease must adopt a gluten-free diet out of medical necessity, there is another population of gluten sensitive individuals who feel better when they eliminate gluten from their diet. The important thing, he cautioned, is to make sure those gluten-containing foods are replaced with natural, unprocessed gluten-free foods instead of “gluten-free junk food.”

While on the show, Dr. Hyman shared some examples of gluten-free meals that are healthy for everyone. He also shared recipes for many of the dishes, which have been posted on Dr. Oz’s website.

Dr. Hyman also advised that individuals get tested if they suspect they have celiac disease. Take the Celiac Disease Symptoms Checklist »

Video clips are available on the Dr. Oz website:

Amy Ratner, associate editor of Gluten-Free Living, noted a few discrepancies in a blog post about the episode. While Dr. Hyman mentioned blood testing for celiac disease, the show did not emphasize that testing should occur before trying a gluten elimination diet, Amy noted. To read the full response, visit Gluten-Free Living's blog.

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