California Pizza Kitchen Introduces Gluten-Free Pizza |
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California Pizza Kitchen Introduces Gluten-Free Pizza

Celiac patrons give thumbs up, but still stress due diligence.

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) has launched gluten-free pizza crusts, making 29 of their original pizzas now available gluten-free. Original BBQ Chicken pizza, Pear & Gorgonzola pizza and Wild Mushroom pizza are among the favorites that celiac and gluten sensitive diners can now enjoy.

The news was met with joy and skepticism, but customer reviews soon poured in praising the gluten-free crust and CPK's awareness of cross contamination risks. One customer noted that the new crust is thinner and flatter than the original crust, making it easy to distinguish, according to the customer's post on a celiac listserv. However, the customer also cautioned other celiac and gluten sensitive diners to double-check if there's any doubt.

To learn more about CPK's new gluten-free crust and other gluten-free options, visit CPK's website.


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