Kettle Cuisine Nominated for R&D Team of the Year 2012 |
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Kettle Cuisine Nominated for R&D Team of the Year 2012

Your vote can help these soup-er stars win Food Processing Magazine’s distinction.

The Research and Development team at Kettle Cuisine has been nominated by Food Processing Magazine for the best R&D team at a small company. Now, your vote can decide if they win R&D Team of the Year 2012.Kettle Cuisine

To vote, visit the R&D Teams of the Year ballot.

Kettle Cuisine is a strong supporter of the gluten-free community. The company is a member of NFCA’s GREAT Business Association, a group of manufacturers and retailers who support best practices in gluten-free production. The company is also sponsoring NFCA’s current Gluten-Free in College Blog Series. Read the blog series.

This month, you can also “Get One, Give One” on Kettle Cuisine’s Facebook page. Like their page and get a coupon for a free gluten-free soup, and Kettle Cuisine will donate a soup to someone in need. Visit Kettle Cuisine on Facebook.


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