San Francisco Chef Aims to Establish Gluten-Free Shared Kitchen |
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San Francisco Chef Aims to Establish Gluten-Free Shared Kitchen

Chef launches Kickstarter page to fund a kitchen for gluten-free bakers and caterers.

Zenbelly logoChef Simone Shifnadel hopes to open San Francisco's first gluten-free shared kitchen, and she's launched a fundraising page at to make it happen.

Chef Shifnadel came up with the idea based on her experience with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. She wished to turn her catering company into a 100% gluten-free enterprise, and she realized that other gluten-free bakers and caterers would benefit from having a dedicated gluten-free kitchen to share. (Read more of Chef Shifnadel's story here.)

Using, Chef Shifnadel set up a page to raise $30,000 to fund the development of this kitchen. With 9 days left until the fundraiser expires, she is 40% of the way to her goal.

To learn more about this project, visit Zenbelly Kitchen on Kickstarter.


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