Jennifer Esposito to Help Celebrate Schar Gluten-Free Facility Launch |
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Jennifer Esposito to Help Celebrate Schar Gluten-Free Facility Launch

The gluten-free product manufacturer will host a Facebook chat with the actress, who has celiac disease.

With over 30 gluten-free products in the U.S. alone, Schar is a leading international gluten-free manufacturer.  Now, the company is launching a new production facility in Logan Township, NJ, and actress Jennifer Esposito is joining the celebration.

Esposito, currently a co-star on the CBS drama “Blue Bloods,” was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009 and has since made it her mission to set the record straight on the gluten-free diet and emphasize that for those with gluten-related disorders, the gluten-free diet is a medical necessity and not a fad.   

Schar announced that Esposito will participate in a live chat on the company’s Facebook page that will touch on her experience with celiac disease, diagnosis, and tips how to lead a happy, gluten-free life. 

Esposito will also attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for Schar’s new production facility. 

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