Jennifer Esposito Launches Gluten-Free Baking Mix |
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Jennifer Esposito Launches Gluten-Free Baking Mix

“Blue Bloods” actress shared her new gluten-free product line on FOX’s Good Day Café.

Actress Jennifer Esposito appeared on FOX NY’s Good Day Café segment to demo her new gluten-free all-purpose flour and pancake mix, which are also soy-free, dairy-free and do not contain refined sugar.

In the 4-minute segment, Esposito discusses celiac disease and the medically necessary gluten-free diet, while emphasizing that celiac is an autoimmune disorder and not a food allergy.  The show’s host also highlighted important celiac facts, stating that it took his mother years to gain her diagnosis; Esposito waited 19 years for hers. 

The hosts tested out Esposito’s gluten-free flour which she used to make chocolate chip cookies.  According to the taste testers, the flour makes soft and moist baked goods.  Esposito noted the gluten-free flour and pancake mix will be available for purchase through her nonprofit organization, Jennifer’s Way, as well as the gluten-free bakery G-Free NYC, soon. 

Visit My FOX NY to see the full segment.

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