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Celiac Sprue Association Discusses McDonald's French Fries Issue

Mary Schluckebier, Executive Director, makes a statement on behalf of the CSA Board saying that they do not support lawsuits against McDonald's.

First Do No Harm

It has been brought to our attention that several individuals and families have brought suits against the McDonald's Corporation. CSA does not support this action.

What incentive will there be for restaurants to offer or continue to offer gluten-free menus or even provide voluntary information for customers?

McDonald’s has been very proactive in providing information to help us make better food choices.  When the disclosure of allergenic components, including “natural ingredients,” became law, McDonald’s responsibly shared the information with the public. The food labeling law does not apply to restaurants. McDonald’s has been one of the most understanding, cooperative food establishments on behalf of celiacs. They should be thanked for their voluntarily actions. They have worked very closely with CSA and those with celiac disease to learn about celiac disease and to provide the best information available.

The enormous public response can be interpreted that people want the term “gluten-free” to mean totally “free”.

We are encouraging people to contact their local McDonald’s franchises telling them how much it means to have GF choices avalible for their family.  Provide CSA contact information for assistance.  

Click here for more information from CSA concerning this issue.


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