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Celiac Awareness Month in Pennsylvania

NFCA wishes to address the questions and confusion on the PA HR153 resolution.


The selection of the month of April, 2009 as ‘Celiac Disease Awareness Month’ in Pennsylvania was a decision made entirely by the Pennsylvania State House Legislature. Pennsylvania HR 153 designates an official celiac awareness month for the year of 2009 only.
While a consensus has yet to be reached, the months of May and October are generally recognized as the official celiac disease awareness months nationally. Pennsylvania HR 153 does not conflict or compete with these national celiac disease awareness months in any way. NFCA hopes a resolution can be made to officially recognize May as the national celiac disease awareness month, as the international celiac community has already adopted said month.
NFCA values any opportunity that leads to greater knowledge and awareness of celiac disease, and heartily supports Pennsylvania HR 153. NFCA will continue to commend and support any and all efforts to bring recognition to the most common and most undiagnosed autoimmune disorder in the United States.

Be on the look out for action alerts over the next few months updating you on our progress and reminding you how you can also help make a difference!  Together, we can restore health and reclaim lives.



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