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JAAPA recognizes crisis of undiagnosed celiac disease

Medical journal supports increased awareness and testing


The Journal of the American Academy of Physicians Assistants (JAAPA) recently highlighted NFCA’s GREAT Healthcare education program for medical professionals.

In a letter to the editor authored by Loretta Jay, NFCA Director of Program Development, JAAPA supports NFCA’s efforts to drive diagnosis and raise awareness of the disease within the physician community through GREAT training.

“Because recognition of the symptoms must occur before practitioners consider the disease and pursue screening, more comprehensive information that supports detection is needed for health care providers to include celiac disease in their differential diagnosis.”

To read the entire letter, visit the JAAPA website.

Back in December 2009, an article published by JAAPA brought the issue of undiagnosed celiac disease to the fore; encouraging health practicioners to become more familiar with the many signs and symptoms of the disease so that they may better recognize the disease in their patients.

“Celiac disease is not uncommon in this country, yet it remains widely unrecognized. The diagnosis should be considered in patients who present with compatible symptoms, typical or atypical, and in those with other indications for screening.”

The article “Common signs and symptoms, and a diagnosis that is often overlooked” was written by Bettie Coplan, MPAS, PA-C. To read, click here.

For information about GREAT Healthcare, visit the Gluten-Free Resource Education and Awareness Training (GREAT) section of our website.



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