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2.4% Prevalence of Celiac in Type 1 Diabetics

Increased awareness of celiac disease screening needed among pediatric endocrinologists. 


Doctors at the ENDO 2010: The Endocrine Society 92nd Annual Meeting, held late last week in San Diego, recommended that children with Type 1 Diabetes be regularly screened for celiac disease.

Despite research that has long noted the increased prevalence of celiac disease among Type 1 Diabetics and the American Diabetes Association’s own screening guidelines, the investigators and doctors present at the ENDO 2010 meeting acknowledged the need for increased awareness among pediatric endocrinologists.

A study conducted by the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System in New Hyde Park, New York observed 493 patients who had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetics and underwent celiac disease screening within the first 3 months of diagnosis.

The study’s investigators found a 2.4% prevalence rate of celiac disease in this pediatric population. It is most important to note that none of the 12 Type 1 Diabetics diagnosed with biopsy-proven celiac disease reported gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms.

“This finding underscores the importance of not delaying screening for celiac disease until overt GI symptoms present,” noted Dr. Phyllis Speiser, co-author of the study.

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