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Sorghum Flour: Low Cost, High Nutrition

Article touts ancient grain for variety and affordability.

While gluten-free baking can be pricey, a recent article has pinned sorghum flour as a nutritious alternative that won’t break the bank. According to, sorghum is one of several ancient grains manufacturers and bakers can turn to for a less expensive way to mimic traditional gluten-based goods.

According to the article:
"White sorghum flour, for instance, provides a bland flavor, which can be useful for reproducing the flavor of white wheat flour without any unfamiliar or distinctive tastes. Meanwhile, whole grain white sorghum flour can be used to produce a gluten-free product that also has the nutritional benefits associated with whole grains."
The article also noted that gluten-free products are on the rise, citing a report that predicts the market to grow $1.2 billion over the next five years.
For a recipe using sorghum flour, try these Very Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes.



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