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Celiac Disease Episode to Air on TV

NFCA Founder and Medical Advisory Board member among panelists. 

UPDATE: The celiac disease episode of "Second Opinion" will launch in some areas on Friday, Oct. 8. Check your local listings today!

The public television series “Second Opinion” is devoting an entire episode to celiac disease, and NFCA Founder Alice Bast is a featured panelist.

Topics discussed in the episode include the various symptoms of celiac disease, the effects of undiagnosed celiac disease and the importance of blood testing for diagnosis. NFCA Medical Advisory Board member Daniel Leffler, MD, MS, is also featured in the episode.

Check your local listings - the episode will launch as early as Friday, Oct. 8, in some areas. A transcript of the episode is available online. “Second Opinion” has also released a Webisode featuring Bast, which can be viewed on NFCA’s Video page.




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