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UConn Dining Services Highlighted as “Gluten-Free Model”

Upcoming Webinar presenter featured in video sharing best practices for gluten-free foodservice.

 Earlier this week, members of University of Connecticut’s Dining Services lent their expertise in an informational video about serving the gluten-free community. The video, produced by Boston Children’s Hospital, will offer “best practices” for gluten-free food preparation, according to UConn Today.

University of Connecticut has won acclaim as a leading institution in meeting celiac and gluten-free needs. The Dining Services program offers gluten-free options at dining halls, restaurants and markets on campus. Staff members also gather with students, parents, a campus dietitian and a dining hall chef to discuss gluten-free menus at the beginning of each semester, the article reported.

Robert Landolphi, chef and culinary operations manager at UConn, was featured in the video. He will co-lead a free NFCA Webinar with UConn dietitian Amy Dunham, RD, on Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010, at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT. The Webinar, "Serving Up Gluten-Free at Colleges & Universities," will be a rare opportunity for dietitians and chefs to get tips from individuals at the forefront of gluten-free foodservice. Learn more and register here.




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