Appetite for Awareness Chef Cooks on Philadelphia Morning Show |
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Appetite for Awareness Chef Cooks on Philadelphia Morning Show

Chef Eric Paraskevas made gluten-free french toast and chatted about celiac awareness.

To highlight the delicious gluten-free food that will be served at Appetite for Awareness this weekend, Chef Eric Paraskevas prepared a gluten-free breakfast on Tuesday's episode of the 10! Show. Chef Eric, who cooks up daily delights at terra in Philadelphia, helped the NBC10 hosts make gluten-free caramel and apple french toast.

During the segment, Chef Eric discussed the rising popularity of gluten-free food, but noted that for celiacs, it's a medical necessity, not a fad diet. The chef also encouraged viewers to attend Appetite for Awareness on Oct. 24 to learn more about celiac disease and discover how great gluten-free food can taste.

Watch the cooking segment and get the recipe on NFCA's Videos page >>


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