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ABC Nightline: Gluten-Free Diet Benefits Celiacs, Not Everyone

Interviews with Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Dr. Peter Green of Columbia University reveal that while Hollywood is touting gluten-free diet, it may not be best choice for non-celiacs.

Celebrities are ga-ga for gluten-free, but their endorsement of the specialty diet may be sending the wrong message, according to a report on ABC's "Nightline." The late-night broadcast featured a segment on celiac disease and the rising popularity of the gluten-free diet, including interviews with Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Dr. Peter Green.

Hasselbeck, who has celiac disease, led a tour through a grocery store, pointing out gluten-free alternatives and explaining the health benefits she's seen since going gluten-free.

Dr. Green, of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, noted that there is no scientific evidence to support having everyone go gluten-free. As a medical necessity, the gluten-free diet benefits individuals with celiac disease, but it also can lead to vitamin deficiencies. For those who do not suffer from celiac disease or gluten intolerance, giving up all gluten isn't the best idea.

Watch the full video segment from ABC Nightline News >>


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