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Celiac Disease Among Top Health Searches of 2010

Results of AOL ‘s Year End Hot Searches of 2010 suggest rising interest in celiac disease and the gluten-free diet.  

When it comes to health, people want to learn more about celiac disease, according to a survey of this year's search terms.  AOL’s Year End Hot Searches of 2010 listed celiac disease as the No. 4 search term for health.  Other popular health queries included bedbugs, Salmonella and BPA.

AOL attributed the large volume of celiac disease queries to research breakthroughs and the increasing demand for gluten-free food. Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, which was the top searched celebrity wedding of 2010, was also credited as part of the celebrity factor giving gluten-free and, consequently, celiac disease a boost.

To see the complete list of Hot Searches of 2010, click here.




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