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Celiac Teen Collects Gluten-Free Food for Those in Need

Nearly 800 pounds of gluten-free food already donated for Jan. 1 launch. 


The New Year is looking brighter for Boston-based celiacs struggling to afford medically needed food. Pierce’s Pantry, the area’s first gluten-free food pantry, will begin distributing to food pantries on Jan. 1, 2011.

Founded by 16-year-old Pierce Keegan, the gluten-free food pantry will provide access to much needed food for those who can’t afford the specialty items. Keegan, who suffers from celiac disease, recognized a need for gluten-free options after participating in Walk for Hunger for several years.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to eat and have access to gluten-free food,’’ Keegan told the Boston Globe, “but there are many celiacs out there who can’t afford it, and have to make choices between either eating unsafe foods or not eating at all.’’

Keegan has already collected nearly 800 pounds of gluten-free food to stock pantry shelves. Twelve manufacturers have contributed to the cause, the Globe reported.

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