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Tweet to Win Lucy’s Cookies: Starting Today!

Answer video questions on Twitter for free box of gluten-free cookies.

Lucy Gibney, MD, is starting the New Year off with a bang. Her gluten-free cookie company, Lucy’s, is expanding distribution to grocery stores across the country, and she just made her video debut in an “Alternative Appetites” cooking series.

To celebrate, Dr. Lucy is sponsoring a Twitter contest hosted by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). For this week only, January 10-14, NFCA will tweet questions about the new Alternative Appetites videos posted on, one question each day. The first person to tweet  @CeliacAwareness with the correct answer will win a free box of Lucy’s Cookies.

Watch the three videos closely and make sure to follow @CeliacAwareness on Twitter to catch the questions.

Watch the videos here:


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